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The Aon Group of Companies
Charitable Donations Guidelines and Criterion

The AON Group of companies strive to improve the quality of life in the community and health services with charitable giving within Peterborough and the surrounding area. The AON Inc. Mission Statement states, "AON Inc. excels in the development and management of communities for people. We create innovative properties for retirement, residential living, business and leisure in Canada and the U. S. We are a family of employees that deliver quality service and care through dynamic options for living well."

Our Funding Focus Is:

  • Seniors

  • Families

  • Community Support within Peterborough, Millbrook and surrounding area

  • Health and Wellness Groups

  • AON Groups of Companies' Employees and Business Partners

We Give Priority To Projects That:

  • Have a future focus

  • Support emerging needs in the community

  • Have an emphasis on seniors and families

  • Improve the profile of AON Inc. in the community

  • Enhance the quality of life for people in the community

  • Contribution to individual employee needs if coworkers have contributed with fundraising

What We Will Not Fund:

  • Travel

  • Conference attendance

  • Deficit financing

  • Political Support

  • Religious Organizations (except for secular activities open to all faiths, cultures, sexual orientation and where the doctrine of the religion is not preached.)

  • Direct funding of individual employee needs

Application Guidelines:

Applications for funding are received throughout the year and decisions are made on a quarterly basis. Applications should be made in writing and should include:

  • Completed application

  • Brief description of you or your organization

  • Brief description of the project to be funded

  • Timing and Duration of project

  • Objectives of project

  • How your project fits AON Inc.’s criteria for funding

  • Copy of your budget and other approved sources of financing (donations over $500.)

  • Copy of your most recent financial statement (if applicable)

  • List of Board of Directors (where applicable)

  • Pre-approval of advertising and promotional materials including any AON company name or logo

If You Receive Funding:
Projects must be underway within six months and a progress report submitted within one year of receiving funding ($1000 and over). A 10% holdback (minimum $100) will be withheld until this information is received.

Contact Information:
Chairperson – Charitable Donations Committee
AON Inc.
P.O. Box 296
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6Y8

Click here to download our Charitable Donation Application. (PDF, 142KB)

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